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I am coming to play some songs as part of the Summer Warm Up Tour. That’s a thing we’re doing with Summer in the City – trying to get out across the country to reach more people. If it’s well supported we’ll keep doing it and add even more cities next year!

Tickets here!

Summer in the City


So the second Summer in the City has come and gone. Thanks to everyone who came down, especially those that came to see me play at The Luminaire on Saturday, and even more especially the people who bought the new album / t-shirts – I hope you like them! I just about got them done in time and once I’ve sorted a couple of minor things out they will be available to buy online for the rest of you.

Rather than try to explain the whole weekend, I’m going to embed some videos. Here’s a great one by CasioClark about the whole event, and below are a couple of songs from my set. Thanks to the people who have uploaded them.

If you missed SitC (or came and want more!) I’m organising another gathering with the RNLI – 1st September in Bournemouth – take a look. I already can’t wait… This one is on the beach!

As promised, here are a couple of new songs from my set…

Speak soon. xxx