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Lost Stories EP

lost stories

Hello friends!

It’s been the standard way-too-long since I updated here, but I just realised that I should put up a post about this, my new EP! It’s called Lost Stories and you can listen/download it from bandcamp, or get it on itunes.

The four songs were written over January and February and recorded on my new portable recorder (which I was able to buy thanks to my Patrons!)

The lyrics and chords are up on this here website, and below is a playlist of the songs performed live at the George Tavern.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the EP.

Dave. x

Winter – Out Now!

That’s pretty much all of my news!

Here, listen! Press play!

I’m well excited to hear what people think because I really like this one. You can get the CD from Scratch That Records or download it from itunes or bandcamp.

For people who don’t have the old albums, I’ve put up a deal on the back catalogue at STR so you can get them all (either CDs or downloads) for cheaper than buying them separately.

Thanks so much to everyone that has bought it already through the pre-order, or anything I’ve released in the past. I don’t say it much because it’s such a horrible cliché, but I genuinely wouldn’t still be putting music out if you guys weren’t supporting me. I’m so rubbish at selling myself, I tend to just put albums out there and hope people buy them while I write the next one! Most bands are like ‘Sell sell sell! Promote promote promote!’ for six months after each release, but I just can’t do it. I rely on you guys to help spread the word, and I rely on people buying albums because they like the music and want to help support the musician, rather than because they were told to a million times and finally caved!

Anyway, I’m gonna wrap this up before it turns into an Oscar speech; I hope you like the album. I’d like to thank my parents, the director, the producers, John, Conor, Elliott… Oh shit.


p.s. Thought I might attempt a blog.tv show tonight to celebrate. Keep an eye on twitter!