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Lost Stories EP

lost stories

Hello friends!

It’s been the standard way-too-long since I updated here, but I just realised that I should put up a post about this, my new EP! It’s called Lost Stories and you can listen/download it from bandcamp, or get it on itunes.

The four songs were written over January and February and recorded on my new portable recorder (which I was able to buy thanks to my Patrons!)

The lyrics and chords are up on this here website, and below is a playlist of the songs performed live at the George Tavern.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the EP.

Dave. x

New demo!

For the Driver

Got some new microphones, here’s my first attempt at recording with them!
Free download from here.


I have a new album coming out on the 30th! It’s called Winter and here is a song from it:

And here is a description of the artwork concept:

Click here to pre-order!

Of course it’ll also be on itunes and bandcamp to download from 30/5.