White Knuckles

Drove the first half hour with the wing mirror pointing at the floor.
Only noticed when I was half way towards putting a dent right in the passenger door.

Pulled up about 11. On the street outside your house.
Suddenly everything seemed so real,
I forgot what I’d been dreaming about.

Saw the light from your window,
Wondered if you were inside.
You probably just forgot to turn it off.
You always forgot to turn it off.

Well this isn’t something you can forget,
Not when it comes knocking at your door.
No when I brake it off its hinges.
Not when I scream till you can’t hear any more.

Caught myself to see white knuckles strangling the steering wheel.
Took a second before my grip could loosen, another couple to feel.

The thing I liked about the car, the reason I wanted to stay,
It was pushing back a fork in the road and I didn’t know the way.

See when I open the door, when my feet hit the ground,
That’s a turning you don’t get to make again,
These things don’t just come around.

Well that was the time I came round.
I guess you know what went down.
I didn’t see you at your window,
And I won’t see you around.
I guess that’s just what you wanted.
I guess you’ve had all your fun with me.
Although you didn’t see fit to mention this,
Well I guess we finally agree.

Guitar – standard tuning

The chords F and C are played throughout, picked in the verses and strummed in the choruses.

There are some alterations with the hammer ons and picking patters used, but below is the basic riff that holds the song together.

    F             C

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