Tried to think back six whole seconds
To before when you were more than just a shadow walking away from me
It’s kind of fuzzy, but I remember I had balance.
I mean like literally, I could stand up without concentrating.
There was a warmth inside, some kind of safety
As I knew for a fact this kind of pain was impossible.

I settled on a night, not sure it was a real one
But things were just alright, I’m not trying to make out that it was special.
There was a bar, there was a band,
It could have been anywhere, I don’t think it was anywhere but it could have been.
What’s so special about memories anyway? I know how it felt.

It felt like being inside when the storm hit.

A click of the door and I’m back with my feet on the floor,
With the words that I heard seven years ago, reading Christopher Marlowe,
You don’t have to be in Hell, to be in Hell.

Guitar – standard tuning

G – C – D

    G                  C                  D

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