The World’s Still Ending (but it’s cool)

Watch the video

Standard tuning – capo 5

Main riff:


So I’m here again with my oldest friend
He always understands how I feel
And he calms me down with that haunting sound
Of bronze and silvered steel

We lift the lead from my troubled head
It doesn’t change a thing.
Just the way I see what’s on the screen keeps my eyes from watering


F                    G
It’s what gets me through the day
Knowing soon it will all fade away

G-|---------0------------  back into main riff

See the rose still grows outside my window
And though winter’s almost here
We look beyond and know the sun
Will bring white petals back next year

I’ve not closed my eyes, no I’ll keep them wide
I know life can be cruel
But I’m also sure we will endure
the world’s still ending, but it’s cool.

And what gets you through the day
that’s for you to say.

The rose still grows outside my window
I know winter will be cruel
But look beyond and see the sun
The world’s still ending, but it’s cool.

5 responses to “The World’s Still Ending (but it’s cool)

  1. thanks a lot Dave! it’s awesome that I am finally able to play this song 🙂 ❤ it 😛

    happy friday on the moon and blackout are also pretty interesting 🙂
    looking for more stuff tomorrow x) yaay


  2. Doing a cover of this now I know the little bit I had trouble working out. 🙂

  3. Hey Dave! I have a lot of respect for you because you give free downloads to a lot of things and because you do things like this where you make tabs so I really appreciate it =]

  4. lovely music!

  5. makes me want to cry

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