New Ground

I needed to cross an ocean
I needed to find some time
Sick of being in slow motion
I’m sick of writing the same lines.

I came to find a fresh new picture
But found that it was all the same
It’s just that it’s so much bigger
Than you could ever fit inside a frame.

Sometimes I want to trade my life in
So I can try to see it all
I know I wouldn’t make it halfway
But brother, what a way to fall.

I know I haven’t got the courage,
I know I’d miss my comfy room.
I know that when the summer’s over
I’ll be back to writing cold and mournful tunes
But we can start again in June.

Well I wrote this song on someone else’s strings,
So I’ll remember that though the world can sting
It can be absolutely fucking great
Just around the bend.
Dan Danger was a stranger turned a friend.

So if you ask me what we’re here for
You want to know my thoughts on life?
It’s just to go and find that feeling
Exactly what I felt tonight

You might just want to kick a football
Or you might love a boy or girl.
You might find your soul in music
Or have to travel round the world.
Then you should travel round the world.

3 responses to “New Ground

  1. Any chance of tabs/chords for this one? Thanks

  2. I want to learn to play this, but I’m not talented enough to do the whole thing by ear. Can you possibly post the tabs? Or at least post the tuning, so I have some start on figuring it out?

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