Alone Again

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Dm C Bb Gm

The air was heavy, I felt it weigh me down
I lay and waited for you to come round
When you opened your eyes I looked over at you
And understood why I couldn’t move.
It wasn’t the air, nor gravity,
but the thought of being with you that clung to me

Bb F C Gm
The feeling shifted as the light crept in
Bb C Dm
Looked around and found I was alone again

Pulled the curtains back and light poured in
Painted rainbows over everything
It’s funny how it gets to me
It’s nothing but honesty
But like dreams at dawn, the sun sets at dusk
And the spectrums, they all turn to rust.

I’ll see you tonight when the colours all fade
There’ll be no fight, but you’ll be gone the next day.

The feeling shifts when the light creeps in
Look inside and find that I’m alone again.

7 responses to “Alone Again

  1. amazing song!!!
    can’t stop listen to it 🙂

  2. why are the tabs not showing? it’s just the lyrics?

  3. I love this!! I’d like to learn it, any chance of even some hints? 😉
    Great song, beautiful lyrics, So catchy. ❤ can't stop listening to it!!

  4. Love your work hope i could play that song on the piano (im a rookie) and i don’t have teacher
    keep up with the good job. your songs are awesome

  5. Wo ho… Like your lyrics .. And the song melody.. The refrain is the best- you realized you’re alone again *singing*

  6. this song sounds so beautiful i dont know why but i feel a certain guitar influence it ust be just me i was pretty much asking how many piano classes had you taken or pretty much what did you learn before setting out on your own unless you still take classes today

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