Don’t Go

Watch the video

Standard tuning

Picking pattern:

e-|--0-------------------      |---1-------------------
B-|-------1--------------      |--------1-------1---1--
G-|---------0-----0---0--      |----------2-2-3---2----
D-|-----2----2--3---2----  x4  |-----3----------------- x2
A-|--3-------------------      |-----------------------
E-|----------------------      |---1-------------------

C                        F
It’s always easier looking back
Than finding your way
Always easier to attack
than to share the blame

Am                        G
But where does it get you in the end?
Am                     G             F
Tired and lonely with no way to pretend
It’s not happening to you

There’s always someone trying to say
You can’t have the things you need.
Always something in your way
Trying to keep you from being free

But they’re just echoes in the air
Am              G       F    G  (stop)
They can’t send you anywhere
So don’t go.

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