Something Sweet

Tuned down one step – D G C F A D

F in verse – xx3210
G in verse – xx5430

In chorus use full barre or open chords.

Dm F C – Dm F G
Won’t someone tell a tale and take away this familiar scene?
I think I need to be lied to
I have this friend and he can pull you up into a dream
And since we’re all gonna die soon…

Am – G – F – E
Tell me something sweet
Can’t taste the high without defeat
I’m exactly what someone needs
Am – G – G7
I’m supposed to be

I’ve heard of steel and sweat and sacrifice for what you love
I think I might have been lied to
I have this friend who gets it handed him from up above
I think he might have had mine to

Tell me something true
Why the cards fall the way they do
How the fortunate can feel so blue
How to hide the bruise

Am – G – F
It’s another flame snuffed out to no reaction
It’s empty eyes and little lies and staunch inaction
It’s a corruption that’s gaining traction
I don’t buy your glib distraction

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