Sunshine and Stardust

Sunshine and Stardust

E F#m A

I found myself standing on a rock
It was pretty big I couldn’t see around it
Just went on and on until it didn’t stop.
It was green and it was brown
It was blue and it was white
And it spun around so fast that the day turned into night.

I tried running forward so I could see over the edge
But soon I found myself sleeping in somebody else’s bed
And they said

Don’t look for light bulbs when you’re standing in the sunshine
And don’t think you’ll get tomorrow in your sights
No matter how many times you run it through your head
Because you’ll never get it right
D E            D A
No you’ll never get it right

So when you wake up in the same place and you see it all again
It doesn’t mean that you’re not moving, doesn’t mean you should pretend
That you’re not flying, you’re not spinning,
You’re not dancing with Mars,
Because you’re made out of atoms that were built inside of stars.

So don’t look for lightbulbs when you’re standing in the sunshine.
And don’t try to explain away your life.
When you find the answer is not what you need
That’s when you get it right
That’s when you’ve got it right.

How many pencil leads?
How many song names?
How many times you gonna rattle that picture frame?
How many years and how many days?
How many mystics and how many motorways?
Doctors, dreams, drums and keys,
It’s all I was and it’s all behind me
But I’ll keep writing the songs and I’ll keep writing new ones
‘Cause it’s who you are more than where you belong.

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