Pins and Needles

It seems the world is full
Of people who know best
So I’m wondering how we got in such a mess

What happened to revolution did we trade it for some topman shirts
Skinny jeans, straight hair and all the rest?

Kids so consumed with looking like
Some prick who’s in a band
But doesn’t know his Beatles from his Stones.

Well I was sure there was more
To being on a stage
You capture eyes but leave the minds alone

The scenes of yesterday had more than just their names
They had ideals, and they had something to say

But there’s no substance in the scenes you see today
Just people out for money and for fame

And the fans are just as bad following the look right to the letter
I don’t know what they think they’re achieving

Because the way you do your hair and the ink that’s on your skin
They don’t tell me what you believe in
I don’t want to go down with pins and needles,
I wanna see my blood hit the ground

So save your words on what happened before
Can’t you see what’s happening now?

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