Fame and Success

Standard tuning

Main riff:

e|------------------------      --------------------------------------
B|------------------------      -----------------------5---------7----
G|--9---9-----------------      -9---9-------------6---------8--------
D|-----------8-8--6-6s8---      ----------8-8-8------7---7-----9---9--
A|----7---7--9-9--7-7-9---  x3  ---7---7--9-9-9-----------------------
E|------------------------      --------------------------------------

E B x3

Satellites beam in all the latest mourners
From round the world or just round the corner
Can’t complain though cos at least they warn you
‘The following scenes might be real’

They say “Reality is something I’ve seen on the TV”
Where anyone who wants can call themselves celebrities
Well I’d rather die than put that on my CV
It’s fame for the sake of fame for the sake of fame…

Well all my songs might not be perfection
Call it lazy or call it direction
But I’m just here to make a connection
Take it or leave it just don’t bring me down

I’m moving south, out to the country
Looking for a house for three cheeky monkeys
Living in a mansion we’ll have fuck all money
But who gives a shit when it’s S.D.M?!

All around the world tonight they’ll be
Singing their songs just trying to belong to anything
Anything that’s real
And all around the world tonight they’ll be
dancing around and drinking ’em down just looking for
Something to feel.

Pop stars turned into dancers on CD
Dancers turned into strippers apparently
And somehow these strippers get on kid’s TV
What ever happened to Live & Kicking?!

They stopped playing music on MTV
And the dropped 6Music from the BBC
So I don’t know where to send my CD
I’ll be fucked if I’m sending it to Simon Cowell

I say forget the lot of ’em, we’ll do it our own way
With bedroom production and fans who have names
The pop stars can go off chasing fame
But I measure success in a different way

People used to be famous for doing great things
Now they take shortcuts to live like kings
But the tragedy isn’t that fame is adored
It’s that people don’t want to be great any more.


Bridge – Cm B A   x3
G#m – F#m


End with the riff.

8 responses to “Fame and Success

  1. So what does S.D.M. Stand for?

  2. Do I just have really bad hearing or is the eighth line actually “It’s fame for the sake of fame”, etc?

    And I remember going to London once and watching Live and Kicking! It was some episode when Mr Blobby went to a hotel, if that’s the right show.

  3. hey dave i saw your song whats wrong on youtube on an episode of muggle sam and i loved the intro that they chose so i looked arond and found your channel and man you are one amaizing singer and musician so i would love if you could make videos in you tube about how to play your songs like the chords and solos stuff like that i would love it im trying to make my own songs as a musician as well but im only 13 so i still got a lot to learn

  4. any way i got a youtube account its akiles101dap
    i havent upload any videos because i just made one yesterday so if i make some coments on your vids you know who i am 🙂

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