What’s Wrong?

Watch the video.

What’s Wrong?
You should be smiling sweetheart,
Take a second to remember what you wanted to say…

So long.
I drove a mile in your car,
When you attacked you knew exactly what would drive me away.

So what now?
You change your mind there honey?
I must confess you kinda messed me up here too.

So allow
Me to be a little cynical darling,
The words you’re saying are only directed at me cos you
Got no one else to say them to.

Tell me
Why should I be listening?
When you didn’t listen to a single word I said.

Where’s he?
The man you called prince Charming.
All alone? You should have known that chivalry’s dead.

Now go home,
Cos you’re not welcome at mine.
No I don’t wanna see you knocking at my door.

You’ve shown
Me everything you need to,
No I really don’t wanna see anymore.
So what you coming around here for?

I hope you’re not looking for sympathy darling.

Guitar: Some lovely person has tabbed this song on Ultimate -Guitar! I don’t know how accurate it is, but I’m gonna assume it’s right so I don’t have to do it myself!

12 responses to “What’s Wrong?

  1. Aha. That’s okay then. I just discovered you and already I’m trying to learn every song 😀

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