One Track Mind

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I finally understand how it feels to have just one thing on your mind,
And I might have said this before, but it’s different this time.
I genuinely can’t hold on to one thought that doesn’t end up in your eyes,
You’re what keeps me up at night and the first thing I think of when I rise.

And I’ll throw every cliché that you’ve ever heard at you,
And still maintain that my frame of mind is quite unique and genuinely, positively, resoundingly new.

Though I wouldn’t know what to say, all I want to do is ring her,
I should’ve known it all the way, that I’d have to fall for a singer.

I’d listen to her songs, she’d listen to mine,
We’d argue over whose were better.
She’d say mine, I wouldn’t let her quote to me her favourite of my lines.
We’d play shows for those who chose to come around and see us,
And we would smile and drink and laugh and think that anyone would be glad to be us.

And all I really wanted to be was with you,
And the only thing I’ll really ever need, is to know you need me too.

2 responses to “One Track Mind

  1. MoonCradledTide


  2. one of my favs great song any tabs gonna be available ? maybe just chords

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