A Song About Getting Out

Drive we said, just drive.
Till we don’t know where we are,
And we don’t know where we’ve been,
Or where we’re gonna be tonight under the stars.

All I want from you,
And I’m sure it’s all you want from me,
To take away this burning need,
To rid us of familiarity.

We packed the car with everything
You take when you don’t know where you’re going,
Filled up at the petrol station
And hit the road with expectations,

Every motorway
Takes us closer to the sea
But I know that won’t hold us,
This country isn’t big enough for me.

One day, we’ll come back round this way. But today…

There’s nothing wrong with here.
I love it like no other place
But sometimes you have to take yourself outside and get some sun upon your face.
And what troubles you,
We’ll leave it in the dust.
To be trapped between the tyre tracks and tarmac that’s the road you have to trust.

And when we make it there,
Wherever there turns out to be,
It could be down in London town
Or a foreign land that’s far beyond the sea,

You’ll say the words to me,
That you think you understand.
Not what someone else has said, what was in your head
Before this all began.

Cos that’s the problem.
The hardest thing you’re gonna find
Is to really know yourself because yourself
Is where you are confined.

So take a step back,
Away from all that you can name
And see the picture is much bigger than the frame.

2 responses to “A Song About Getting Out

  1. If “This country isnt big enough” for you, you should come to Canada. 😀 You would get a warm welcome.

  2. hey i liked this song a lot
    but wheres the tabs?

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