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Lost Stories EP

lost stories

Hello friends!

It’s been the standard way-too-long since I updated here, but I just realised that I should put up a post about this, my new EP! It’s called Lost Stories and you can listen/download it from bandcamp, or get it on itunes.

The four songs were written over January and February and recorded on my new portable recorder (which I was able to buy thanks to my Patrons!)

The lyrics and chords are up on this here website, and below is a playlist of the songs performed live at the George Tavern.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy the EP.

Dave. x

March On

Just a quick update as I have updated some things.

1. You can now hear almost all of my music on Spotify, since I’ve just added two more albums on there (including Winter). So please, listen, share, make playlists, do whatever it is you do on Spotify!

2. My bandcamp page can now be used to buy single songs as well as full albums. It’s cheaper than itunes and you can download at higher quality. Bandcamp is ace.

3. is now more than just a shop. There’s even a tumblr you can go follow if you’re into that.

4. New video.

5. Oh shit! Almost forgot – I produced an E.P. for Ed Stockham and it’s just come out. Here it is on bandcampitunesSTR. I suggest the physical copy as it comes in a comic book!

6. You’re cool.


A Thank You

Following on from the previous post, I’d just like to say thanks because you guys massively exceeded my expectations! Please keep sharing the album and if you’ve already sent it to someone, perhaps next time you talk to them you could see if they liked it… If so, send them in this general direction!

Some links promised in the video:

Covers album download:

Jay : YoutubeBandcampMusicy Youtube


Free Covers Album

For reasons outlined in the video below, I’ve put together a collection of my covers. It’s free to download so if you don’t have the songs, please do! It would also be wonderful if you could think of one friend who would like my music and send them a message letting them know about it, including the link – – so they can get started.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. You’re ace.

Here’s the video:

And here’s the track list for the album:

1. Hard to Explain (The Strokes)
2. The Gardner (The Tallest Man On Earth)
3. First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes)
4. The Wrote and The Writ (Johnny Flynn)
5. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (The White Stripes)
6. Landsend (Patrick Wolf)
7. If You See Her, Say Hello (Bob Dylan)
8. Lose Your Soul (Dead Man’s Bones)
9. Once More With Feeling (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly)
10. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)
11. These Days (Jackson Browne/Tallest Man)
12. Falling in Love With Your Best Friend (Paul Baribeau)
13. Wolf at the Door w/ Jay (Radiohead)
14. The Biggest Lie (Elliott Smith)


Even though I have a sneaking suspicion that Spotify might be a harbinger of the apocalypse (of the independent slice of the music industry) I have put a couple of my old albums on there. I felt it wrong to judge without having actually used it (as an artist).

So if you have it, you can now listen to The Blackout Sessions and Blue Skies on there! I may do a proper post talking about Spotify and streaming services in general in the future, but I will probably wait to see how this goes first.

In other news: I uploaded this.


Mailing List

I set up a mailing list years ago but never used it because ReverbNation is a horrible website. However I’ve just found (thanks to RatR) a much better system, so I intend to use it! Anyone who signed up to the old one, I have added you to the new one and sent out the first message so have a look for that, if you can’t find it check your spam and add me to your contacts!

New people can sign up here. I only need your email address, but have included boxes for names and locations and things, just because it’d be nice to know who I’m talking to! But of course you’re welcome to leave those blank. Since you’re too late to receive the first email, you can see it here.