My childhood was alright so I’ll leave that out. I started playing guitar from around 10, and picked up a few other instruments along the way. I was quite content just playing music for myself right up until I was leaving Liverpool with a degree in mathematics. That was when I realised that I was presumably going to have to get myself a job. A job that I was qualified for because of that degree in mathematics. Now the thought of getting a job that I was qualified for because of my degree in mathematics scared the shit out of me. It was at this point I realised that you should do with your life whatever you love the most. I can’t remember where I heard that. When they make the film of my life (yes: when) it’ll probably be wisdom imparted by some old, blind, mentor that doesn’t really talk to anyone any more, but he took a shine to me and taught me to play guitar after I lost a football in his garden one time… Well I’ll tell you now for accuracy’s sake, that guy doesn’t exist and I probably read it on a beer mat.

Anyway, I was quite certain that what I loved most in life was not a job in mathematics, whatever that might be, but playing music. I wasn’t much of a performer though. I had played a couple of gigs, but wasn’t very confident in my abilities as a singer or songwriter. But I did enjoy it and I decided that it was a ‘now or never’ kind of deal. If I got a 9-5 and just continued to play music on the side, nothing would ever come of it. So I decided to set up a home studio and start recording some songs. I got over my fear of failure and self esteem issues by adopting the two word motto: ‘fuck it’, and pretty much forced myself to get over the things that were holding me back.

That's me and the Mediterranean Sea.

I put my music on various websites and was
pleasantly surprised at
the reaction. I’m still in the
early stages, and it turns
out it’s not easy to make
a living by selling music
(who knew?!) but I’m
enjoying it and I still
don’t want to get
a real job..

I realise this bio ends right when I start to actually do something interesting, but since that’s the part I’m in right now I’m lacking perspective. You can probably find out about it best by looking around this site and the others it links to.