Hello all.

There is a new thing I’m doing. It’s a website called Patreon, which has been set up by YouTube legend Jack Conte. It’s kind of like kickstarter, but rather than pledging towards one big production, you pledge towards people who make smaller things more regularly. 

I’ve set up a page for people to help support my songwriting. Basically the deal is every time I write a new song, you pay me $1 and I send you a demo of the song. So it’s really just agreeing to buy songs off me in advance. You can also pledge higher amounts and get extra rewards if you’re really into it! Just check out the page to see what they are.

Don’t worry if you haven’t got the money to be sending me dollars – I’ll still be making YouTube videos and releasing music in the same ways I have been – this is just for those who can afford it to help me turn songwriting into my career.

Thanks to all the people who have already signed up as patrons, and everyone who’s helped me over the years. I’m really excited about this idea, think it could be a real game-changer if enough people get behind it!

Dave. x


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