I’ve decided to set up a charitable arm of Scratch That Records. Obviously the label is only small and doesn’t make much money, so we’re not gonna save the world in the next year, but still – it’ll be something, and moving forward it’ll be good to have it all set up.

I’ve decided to send the money through, having seen John Green discuss it on YouTube. The idea is that you loan money (interest free) to entrepreneurs who want to set up a business but don’t have access to finance. Once their business is going, they pay the money back and you can lend it out again. I think this is a good fit for a small business, and will let a relatively small amount of money go a long way over time. Plus being Internet based it’s good to be able to lend money all over the world.

To start up the fund I’ll be using 25% of all sales from, the Blue Skies bandcamp page and my adsense (advertising on my youtube videos) in the month of December.

Obviously there’s nothing there yet, but come January you’ll be able to see all the people we’re lending to by going here, and perhaps I’ll get you guys to suggest where our money should go next.


p.s. The time of year may be partly responsible for this, so to help you get on board here’s a picture of our tree. There are more if you click through.


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