Y Factor!

I’m not a fan of the X Factor. I try not to bitch about it because obviously a lot of people do like it, and who am I to say they’re all wrong? (They are).

So I’ve come up with an idea – every week, when the X factor starts, I’m going to turn the TV off and listen to a really good album. Something to remind me that brilliant music does exist, even if most people choose to ignore it. And you’re all invited to join me! I figure we can all hit play at the same time and chat about it online, or if you’d prefer to listen with no distractions you can ignore that part… I mean you can do whatever you want – I’m not your boss!

But for those who do want to talk, we’ll use the hashtag #YFactor on twitter / tumblr. I’m assuming it’ll be fairly small tonight, given the short notice, but since this is a weekly thing I’m hoping it’ll grow over time – might be a good way to meet new people, find new music, grow as a person, whatever.

As for what the albums will be, for the first couple of weeks I’m just gonna choose some of my favourites, once things get going I’ll try some different things – guest editors, voting… Stuff like that. I have a few ideas that we can try out, but we’ll get to those in time. For now I’m going to introduce you to our first album!

*drum roll*


No, that was a funny joke.

*another drum roll*

Trying to pick a favourite album is obviously ridiculous, but in recent years this has always been on my list of contenders. Last.fm tells me it’s the album I’ve listened to more than any other, so it seems like a good place to start. The Sunset Tree by The Mountain Goats is a collection of the most intimate of John Darnielle’s songs, all of them drawing inspiration from his troubled childhood. I’m not gonna get into a review here, you can make your own mind up!

If you don’t own it, you can stream it from grooveshark for free.

Kick off will be at 8:05, to give people time to finish watching Doctor Who and get a cup of tea.

I’m going to run things from my @STRecords twitter account (since I hardly use it for anything else!) so follow that if you want to know what’s happening.

I’ll also be chatting on my twitter / tumblr / facebook if you’re interested!


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