Blue Skies

My new (self titled) album is now out everywhere!

You can go listen to it on my music page for free.

You can buy the physical CD (with lots of extras!) at my store.

Or download it from itunes or bandcamp.

I hope you like it!



7 responses to “Blue Skies

  1. hey ive ordered the CD already but im a bit lost… (i really hope this isnt a stupid question) Whats a plectrum? looking forward to getting the CD btw!!!! sounds awesome ❤ <3!!!!

  2. OMG!Ignore that! i feel like such an idiot now sorry! im not normally that thick!

  3. Stefan Lamb

    I got home today to find this album had arrived whilst I was at work! How that cheered up my otherwise tortuous Saturday, and it makes the bleak prospect of working Sunday and the bank holiday a bit better! Thank you so much, first impressions are good, I’ve just introduced you to a friend and he loves your album as well :D:D

  4. Hi, everybody thinks you’re dead. Please prove us wrong?

  5. I was watching the Stadium Arcadium album commentary on Youtube, and I came across this and immediately thought of this album cover.


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